We manage patients from all over Queensland and New South Wales.  We frequently see patients from regional areas who seek a second opinion from us or require complex surgery or laser treatment which is not available where they live. Whether it is to perform an operation to repair a retinal detachment, provide a second opinion or conduct a yearly routine comprehensive eye examination, we are here to help you.

Prior to travelling to Brisbane, we recommend communicating with our friendly reception staff either by email or phone to ensure we have received a referral letter with your eye history from either your GP, optometrist, medical specialist or another ophthalmologist.

As a potential new patient of City Eye Centre, we also recommend reading our patient resource pages on what to expect on the day of your consultation and that you have completed and returned a new patient data collection form.

There are a wide variety of medical issues that can affect the eye. If you are seeking a second opinion, it may be possible to schedule appointment and undergo the diagnostic imaging, examination, and consultation with Dr Lee such that you can arrive and return home on the same day.

Otherwise, if you are traveling in for surgery, you may need to plan to stay in Brisbane for one to four weeks after surgery. Visit the accommodation page under Patient Resources for options. One week may be sufficient if you do not need a gas bubble as part of your vitrectomy surgery, such as in an epiretinal membrane peel or repositioning of a dislocated intraocular lens.  A longer stay may be necessary if you will require a gas bubble in your eye after surgery, which is most often used to repair retinal detachments and macular holes. You must wait for the gas bubble to dissipate on its own after surgery if you are making plans to return home by plane. Alternative transport options by car or train are required for you to return home if the gas bubble is still present in the eye.

For patients receiving PDT/Visudyne laser treatments, you may be required to stay in Brisbane for several days to complete the treatment.

If you are requiring emergency surgery, we will make every effort to try to help you and work with the hospital and anaesthetists to fast-track your admission.

To help plan your trip, please visit the Contact Us > Location page to help plan your visit to our practice location. If you are from a region where there are no available specialists to treat your specific condition, you may be eligible for travel subsidy.