Ultra-Widefield Fundus Photography


Fundus photography is a useful way of documenting the appearance of your eye condition at the time of your consultation and keeping a permanent record. It is also an effective method of monitoring any changes in the condition at subsequent follow-up visits. At City Eye Centre, a specialized high-definition, ultra-widefield camera (Clarus 700, Zeiss Meditec) is used and it is able to take up to 267º images of the retina. This new technological innovation allows your macula and peripheral parts of your retina to be imaged in true colour, and in one single capture. Multiple images of the retina can also be montaged, allowing diagnosis, monitoring of your eye condition and treatment decisions with unprecedented resolution.

A photographic test of the eye showing the optic nerve, retina and blood vessels of the eye
Wide-field fundus photography showing peripheral parts of the retina.